Blue shrimps, also known as Blue Velvet Shrimps, are a unique freshwater species that are popular in the aquarium trade. Their vibrant blue coloring stands out no matter what other animals are in their tank. These critters are very low-maintenance and don’t require any special attention from their owners. However, there are certain water parameters and conditions that have to be met for these shrimp to thrive. Here’s a guide on how to keep blue shrimps in an aquarium.

Tank Size and Water Parameters

The recommended tank size for blue dream shrimp is about 10 gallons. However, you can keep these small critters even in a 5-gallon tank with ideal water conditions2. If you happen to keep these shrimps in a small fish tank, be sure to change water frequently and install a good quality filtration in the tank.

Feeding and Care

To take care of blue shrimp, you need to:

  • Keep them in a small tank with minimal equipment.
  • Change the water once a week.
  • Feed them a small amount of food once or twice a day.
  • Use any substrate of your choice.
  • Provide lighting, but they don’t have any fancy requirements for lights.
  • Use any filtration system of your choice.
  • Add plants and decorations to the tank.

Tank Environment

Shrimps are not fussy creatures. They will enjoy the presence of almost any aquatic plants. Keeping plenty of aquatic plants, rocks, and ornaments in your shrimp tank is important for several reasons. First of all, shrimps love to feast on algae, which can only flourish on a surface, so the more surface area you have in your aquarium, the more places there are for your shrimp to find themselves a snack4.

Compatibility with Other Fish

Some fish will eat your shrimp, while others won’t. Aquatic shrimps are small creatures, rarely growing over an inch in size, so if you keep other fish in your aquarium, especially larger fish, your shrimps will need plenty of hiding places to stay out of harm’s way4. Shrimps can make a delicious snack for a lot of freshwater fish4.

In conclusion, blue shrimps are a great addition to any aquarium due to their vibrant color and easy care. They are peaceful shrimp species that don’t care about other creatures in the tank. This makes them the perfect addition for pretty much any tank. With the right care and environment, your blue shrimps will thrive and add a splash of color to your aquarium.

By Derek D’Amato

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